What profit-making businesses can learn from volunteering

“Companies should create one goal that everybody wants to work for that’s not making a profit, that’s making a difference in the world.”¬† How can you transform your employees into inspired workers? Create a cause or goal for them to work towards! In this video, Professor Luca […]

Corporate citizenship: Millennials are calling!

Corporate citizenship: Millennials are calling!

At thrdPlace, we see Millennial opinion as a key indicator of society at large; What do Millennials want? They want to see the truth, they want to see impact, they want to take local action, and they want to collaborate with YOU! ¬†We think this article does a great job of honing in on some of the fa […]

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  • characters make community

  • marrying art and action to create inspiration.

  • hashtag commercial that BofA did... so it's a little to squeaky clean, but love the action of a bunch of people working together / enjoying themselves.

  • Really interesting how basic messaging is superimposed over example of the intended end result. Idea: Framing pop-ups with an image like this.

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