Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Your imagination is the most important resource in transforming your neighborhood Photo under a Creative Commons license from FROM THE SOUTHEAST SIDE OF SEATTLE comes uplifting evidence for the important roles that a clear community vision and a vivid sense of imagina […]

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  • "We have noticed two things that led us to propose this project:there are A LOT of people (all ages and abilities) that walk within and through our neighborhood, no matter the weather, and there’s not a damn place to SIT whether to rest, eat lunch, socialize, or just enjoy the scenery and sunshine. The goal of this project is to “Chair-Bomb” our downtown Detroit neighborhood (that...

  • New book "Designing Urban Agriculture" urges people to 'eat the city'

  • rooftop garden; #urbanagriculture go!

  • Moss Graffiti moss buttermilk or plain yoghurt sugar (optional) Water-retention gel (optional, but helps keep things green)

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