Corporate citizenship: Millennials are calling!

Corporate citizenship: Millennials are calling!

At thrdPlace, we see Millennial opinion as a key indicator of society at large; What do Millennials want? They want to see the truth, they want to see impact, they want to take local action, and they want to collaborate with YOU!  We think this article does a great job of honing in on some of the fa […]

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Your imagination is the most important resource in transforming your neighborhood Photo under a Creative Commons license from FROM THE SOUTHEAST SIDE OF SEATTLE comes uplifting evidence for the important roles that a clear community vision and a vivid sense of imagina […]

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  • "We have noticed two things that led us to propose this project:there are A LOT of people (all ages and abilities) that walk within and through our neighborhood, no matter the weather, and there’s not a damn place to SIT whether to rest, eat lunch, socialize, or just enjoy the scenery and sunshine. The goal of this project is to “Chair-Bomb” our downtown Detroit neighborhood (that...

  • New book "Designing Urban Agriculture" urges people to 'eat the city'

  • rooftop garden; #urbanagriculture go!

  • Moss Graffiti moss buttermilk or plain yoghurt sugar (optional) Water-retention gel (optional, but helps keep things green)

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