What Happens When Technology, Art, and B-Corps Meet?

What Happens When Technology, Art, and B-Corps Meet?
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B-Corps Members Bringing Color to Santa Monica!What Happens When Technology, Art, and B-Corps Meet?

This past Sunday, Southern California B-Corps Dogeared, Sencha Naturals, Beanfields, and thrdPlace joined forces with Beautify Earth and Venice-based artist Trek “Thunder” Kelly to paint a 30’ x 50’ mural on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica, CA.   B-Corps members used thrdPlace to crowdsource supplies, raise over $700 in funds, and recruit 36 volunteers, making this mural project the first crowdsourced mural of its kind in Los Angeles!

The mural brings an American icon, Abraham Lincoln, to Lincoln Blvd; A street that serves as one of the key arteries to one of the most iconic cities in America. In the words of artist Trek Thunder Kelly, “When asked to design a mural on Lincoln Blvd, the subject matter was apparent, Abraham Lincoln himself. The coincidence that a mural of our country’s most famous lawyer would also be on a popular coffee house called “The Legal Grind”, was even more synchronistic”.

unnamedOf the B-Corps involvement, Merlin Clarke, Co-Founder of Dogeared Jewelry and Gifts had this to say.  “It is so important to us to give back and be socially conscious and responsible corporate citizens, impacting the communities we serve.  As a certified B-Corporation, our corporate philosophy embraces employee engagement and building relationships with fellow B-Corps who share our vision of a better world. We are dedicated to using business as a force for good and guiding the movement to ‘B the Change’

While this may be the first crowdsourced mural of its kind in Los Angeles, it won’t be the last.  The mural is being spearheaded by Beautify Earth;  a group of community leaders, urbanists, technologists, and artists who are on a mission to create one million murals in the next five years. Beautify Earth’s objective is to “create unique art on the sidewalls and fronts of community storefronts in order to stimulate economies by turning neglected areas into thriving public art galleries”.  In the words of Beautify Earth Founder Evan Meyer  ”The worst color choice of all, is the color of neglect!”

unnamed-1To achieve it’s global ambitions, Beautify Earth has tapped thrdPlace to make it possible for mural creators to use online tools to find the local funds, supplies, and volunteers  needed to make projects possible “on-the-ground” in their local communities.

“The rest of the Southern B Corp family really rallied behind the mural painting.  The mural painting itself was a really fun and creative outlet to mix with other B-Corp members and really get behind this powerful idea of taking action to “Be The Change”.  We’ve already got several B-Corps members talking about a follow-up crowdsourced mural project with a “Be The Change” theme.   I can’t wait to see what they come up with! – Woody Moore, Director of Marketing, thrdPlace


Learn more about Beautify Earth:

And… the B-Corp Mission to “Be The Change”

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